My Life Story

  • 1982

    Birth Year

    I was born in Salerno (Italy).
    The year was 1982.
    And, let me say, there was a big party for this event.
    My family burst with joy and I was brought up with love!

  • AVIS

    Voluntary Blood Donor

    This opportunity was born casually.
    My cousin did me a proposal: "do you want to come with me to donate blood?
    If you want, this Sunday we'll go to head-quarter AVIS and we'll do something beautiful!"
    I accepted the invitation and I went! It was year 2004.
    Since that day, every three months I'll go to the hospital to donate my blood!
    It's a wonderful experience, you feel like a new man, it's a strange but good sensation!

  • ITC

    High School Diploma

    My high school was in technical-economic institute
    (in Italy is called ITC).
    The main majors were accounting, law and maths.
    I liked all but the bad (not so bad but not so good) final result changed my lifetime.
    The result isn't the line guide for a life but sometimes it can be or it can help a new view on life,
    a new hole in what looks like a wall.

  • CUS

    Community Service

    I joined the community service with CUS Salerno.
    It was a nice experience that followed a life choice.
    At that time, there was a personal crisis, without desire to study, to work and to live, maybe.
    And the community service helped the born of a new sunrise.
    There, in the CUS experience, I met a lot of person and someone became my friend.
    It went on 9 months, 9 rich and poignant months!

  • Applied Computer Science

    University Degree

    My degree course was based on Computer Science,
    in particular a curriculum applied to electronic commerce.

  • from 2008

    Working in Information Technology

    My job started in the finally part of my degree course.
    I learned SAP ECC, SAP BW and ABAP, at the beginning.
    Then, project after project, I understood what i liked and what was my qualities.
    Until now, i worked with BW, ECC, Business Objects and i used ABAP, BO Tools, Flash, HTML5, CSS3, etc.

  • Forever

    Poems and Romances

    I write poems since I was fifteen.
    Now I have about 150 poems, collected in various personal collections.

    I published some of them in collection of poems, such as:
    - 2008: “OCCHIETTI NERI”
    - 2013: “IL FEDERICIANO”
    - 2015: "Enciclopedia di Poesia Contemporanea Vol. 5 (Premio LUZI)

    and i won a Medal in poetry contest "L'iride" (2008)

    You can read some poems in the section "Reading" of this site!

  • Il Poeta Informatico

    Who is he / it?


  • Love and Love

    Love is a particular piece in a human life. I was wet from it few years ago, exactly 6.
    It was the 2012, September. And since then, I feel myself another person. Sometimes I see myself in the mirror
    and I say in my mind "Who is he?". I'm! It seems all the same but it isn't.
    It's a new light, a new way of life, a new road ahead, and you'll never be alone...

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